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Weddings and Glamping

There has been an interesting trend in weddings that has been sweeping the UK by storm. It involves a wedding, some tents and a group of your closest friends and family…. ‘Glamping’!

What is this ‘Glamping’ I hear you cry? Well its basically glamorous camping. Having an outside wedding but still making it glamorous and using tents for your guests accommodation instead of blocking hotel rooms. Genius! Some of you may not believe me but take my word for it! if you still don’t believe, look at these awesome pictures for inspiration.

There is so much open space in Calgary that you could pitch your tent anywhere. Imagine smore’s on the campfire, gazing over the fields and looking up at the stars with your loved one? LOVE IT!!!!














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RSVP wording

We have a lot of couples who come to The Social Page, looking for a fun, unique way to word their invitations or RSVP cards, and that is what we are here for. We think it is a great way to let your personality come out into your stationery not just by the design but what it says too. Here is some fun RSVP wording ideas to get you thinking:

Cant wait / Sorry to miss it

Deal me in / Sitting out

Looking forward to the big day / Regretfully cannot attend

Cant wait to celebrate / Sad to miss all the fun

Delighted to attend / Sorry. cant make it

Cant wait to party / Bummer! cant make it

Sunscreen is packed / Raising a toast from afar

Good news, we’ll be there / Bad news, Cant make it

Cant wait to be there / Party on with out us

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Vintage Wedding Showcase

We were lucky enough to attend A Spoonful of Vintage Wedding Showcase last Sunday and we had a great day! So many fabulous vendors were there showing off what they do best, and lots of really enthusiastic brides looking for inspiration. Our stationery received a lot of attention and we love hearing feedback from our prospective clients.

Laura Ann Cinema were able to capture some highlights from the day, so take a look at this fabulous video.!i=2475098950&k=Whhzvzx&lb=1&s=A

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Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards


We have been nominated for best invitation designer and best invitation retailer for this years Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards!

Please click on the link below to cast your vote for us!

Voting ends at midnight April 23rd! So get voting and spread the word!

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Pantone colours poppy red

Poppy red is this weeks pantone colour. Red is a very emotionally intense colour and is associated with determination, desire, passion and love. In other cultures, red can symbolize purity or good fortune. Red is a very strong colour so it is usually best when paired with neautrals. We have lots of shades of red cardstock here at The Social Page, so when you get a chance, come by and check out what we have on offer.
Pantone colours poppy red

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