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  • June3rd

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    Often times here at The Social Page we have couples place orders for invitations, and when asked how many they need to order, the couple looks at one another, does a quick scroll through their smart phone and says “I think 80 should be enough… yeah. Let’s go with 80.”

    invitation quantity


    Then it comes time to address the envelopes and put them in the mail, they realize they didn’t order enough to cover everyone on their guest list. Sometimes, after mailing them out, they run in to an old friend that they now want to invite, or they realize they forgot to invite a distant relative. Suddenly they need 10 more invitations, ASAP!  If you are looking to price out invitations but haven’t gone over your list yet, there is a formula to help give you a starting number.

    The number of guests you are inviting divided by 2, then add 10%. For example: 150 guests divided by 2= 75 + (10%) 15= 90 invitations.

    This is a good starting point, but never works better than a true list. This is because some couples are inviting more families than others, some invite many more singles than couples, and so on.

    Remember, it’s one invitation per household, not per person!

    The best way to avoid running into these issues is to write a numbered list of each family and each non-couple adult you are inviting:

    If you are inviting Mr. and Mrs. Jones and their 2 children, they account for one invitation.

    Let’s say you are inviting John Smith and his mother Anne Smith who lives in his home now. Proper etiquette suggests sending separate invitations to John Smith and Anne Smith. So, these two adults in the same household should account for two invitations.

    Likewise, if you are inviting adult siblings who live in the same household, or adult friends who share a home, you should send separate invitations for those guests. This is something to consider when you are making your list.

    Your single friends who may want to bring a date should be addressed “Andrew Parker & Guest”, and he and his guest will account for one invitation.

    It is ALWAYS better to have a few extra invitations than to be short and scurry to buy more. It may take time to process a Re-Order and is often much less cost-effective than initially ordering extras (due to shipping costs of certain materials, price brackets for printing, etc). Brides find themselves stressed out from worrying about time and money while wedding planning, so avoid stress where possible by implementing the simple measure of list making!

  • August20th

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    We know how stressful summer has been and now, just when you think it’s all over, you have to get them ready for school!

    The Social Page is here to help!. We just had a delivery of some super super cute items that will make your children so amped they wont need to be asked twice!

    These items are all non toxic, FDA approved, and BPA free so safe for the whole family. The designs are cute and fun that even we were giddy over it!bottles

    back to school lunch bagshats

  • August6th

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    We were lucky enough to be a part of this fantastic photo shoot which makes us want to have a picnic right now!!!

    The Stationery we provided was a perfect match to the theme. Using a chalk board style font and teaming it with kraft, gave it that rustic, fun feel.

    The photographs turned out amazing and really showed off our work thanks to Christy Swanberg !! You rock!Take a look and see what you think. Is it some

    thing you might consider for your wedding?


    picnic perfect









    picnic perfect


















    Thanks to everyone involved!!!

    Andrea Hodgson – Stylist
    Chelsea Morgenstern & Everything But The Ring - Coordination & Planning
    Alison LaFrance & Whippt Desserts & Catering - Sweets Table & Favours
    Patrick Cousineau & Pies Plus Cafe - Pies & Location
    Scouting Guru & Model
    Cameo & Cufflinks – Bridal Attire

    Kara Melwood – Canvas Art
    Cole Hofstra - Model / Groom
    Amborella Floral Design
    Lindsey Knowles – Model / Bride
    Luke James – LVJ Haberdasher Designs, Custom Bow ties & Hanker chiefs 
    espy & Charlotte Hunter - Stylizing Groom, Cole!!!
    Makeup by Erin Teolis - Makeup & Hair – Bride, Lindsey
    Village Ice Cream - Ice Cream 
    Allie Apels - Refinishing of Sweets Table
    Ashely Critch, Behind the Scenes Photo Assistant