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New Year, New Studio

2016 was a year of massive change and growth for The Social Page. As many of you know, after 25 years of retail, we closed the doors on our shopping space, mainly due to a 60% increase from the City of Calgary in property taxes. That, combined with slower foot traffic through the shop, meant we had to make some hard choices. So we choose to refocus our energy back where we started, back to what we love doing and what we do best and that’s making incredible invitation suites.


With closing our doors, how could that mark a year of growth for us? As professionals, it was a year of incredible gratitude. Gratitude for our loyal customers, for our corporate clients who continued to support a local business and for everyone in the Calgary wedding community who continued to do business with us, despite the uphill battles we were facing. Personally and professionally, we grew, as individuals and as a team.


Our new location is something we are most certainly celebrating this year. Warm, focused and quiet, our new space allows our award-winning designers and staff to have intimate one-on-one consultations with our clients with fewer distractions. Our new location has convenient free parking right outside our door and makes it possible to continue to offer the opportunity for clients and customers to purchase bulk paper and envelopments. It’s the perfect creative environment for us, and we are so excited to have welcomed so many people through our doors since we arrived in October.

While our design space may have changed, our online store has not! Filled to bring with everything you need to fill out the details of your party or wedding planning, we still offer hundreds of products to create the perfect event.

Our new space empowers us creatively and allows us to continue to focus on our passion and what we do best – creating award-winning Calgary wedding and event stationery.

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Back To School With The Social Page

We know how stressful summer has been and now, just when you think it’s all over, you have to get them ready for school!

The Social Page is here to help!. We just had a delivery of some super super cute items that will make your children so amped they wont need to be asked twice!

These items are all non toxic, FDA approved, and BPA free so safe for the whole family. The designs are cute and fun that even we were giddy over it!bottles

back to school lunch bagshats

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Picnic Perfect

We were lucky enough to be a part of this fantastic photo shoot which makes us want to have a picnic right now!!!

The Stationery we provided was a perfect match to the theme. Using a chalk board style font and teaming it with kraft, gave it that rustic, fun feel.

The photographs turned out amazing and really showed off our work thanks to Christy Swanberg !! You rock!Take a look and see what you think. Is it some

thing you might consider for your wedding?


picnic perfect









picnic perfect


















Thanks to everyone involved!!!

Andrea Hodgson – Stylist
Chelsea Morgenstern & Everything But The Ring - Coordination & Planning
Alison LaFrance & Whippt Desserts & Catering – Sweets Table & Favours
Patrick Cousineau & Pies Plus Cafe – Pies & Location
Scouting Guru & Model
Cameo & Cufflinks – Bridal Attire

Kara Melwood – Canvas Art
Cole Hofstra – Model / Groom
Amborella Floral Design
Lindsey Knowles – Model / Bride
Luke James – LVJ Haberdasher Designs, Custom Bow ties & Hanker chiefs 
espy & Charlotte Hunter – Stylizing Groom, Cole!!!
Makeup by Erin Teolis – Makeup & Hair – Bride, Lindsey
Village Ice Cream – Ice Cream 
Allie Apels – Refinishing of Sweets Table
Ashely Critch, Behind the Scenes Photo Assistant

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Weddings and Glamping

There has been an interesting trend in weddings that has been sweeping the UK by storm. It involves a wedding, some tents and a group of your closest friends and family…. ‘Glamping’!

What is this ‘Glamping’ I hear you cry? Well its basically glamorous camping. Having an outside wedding but still making it glamorous and using tents for your guests accommodation instead of blocking hotel rooms. Genius! Some of you may not believe me but take my word for it! if you still don’t believe, look at these awesome pictures for inspiration.

There is so much open space in Calgary that you could pitch your tent anywhere. Imagine smore’s on the campfire, gazing over the fields and looking up at the stars with your loved one? LOVE IT!!!!














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RSVP wording

We have a lot of couples who come to The Social Page, looking for a fun, unique way to word their invitations or RSVP cards, and that is what we are here for. We think it is a great way to let your personality come out into your stationery not just by the design but what it says too. Here is some fun RSVP wording ideas to get you thinking:

Cant wait / Sorry to miss it

Deal me in / Sitting out

Looking forward to the big day / Regretfully cannot attend

Cant wait to celebrate / Sad to miss all the fun

Delighted to attend / Sorry. cant make it

Cant wait to party / Bummer! cant make it

Sunscreen is packed / Raising a toast from afar

Good news, we’ll be there / Bad news, Cant make it

Cant wait to be there / Party on with out us

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