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Roundup: Our Favourite Spring DIY’s

It’s time to get our craft on! In 2016, The Social Page team is all about handmade goodness in our lives and arts and crafts are a great way to quiet the mind and connect with your family – in other words, they’re great busy work to keep you off your phone and exercise your brain! So here’s a Roundup of some of our favourite Spring crafts we can’t wait to try!

This Heart String Art from Sugarbee Crafts is cute and colourful and would look great in any kids room. And don’t feel like it has to be a heart – the skies the limit with the fun shapes you could try!


Image via Sugarbee Crafts.

Adorable sharpie mug alert, we love this project from Bredid as it can cost as little as $1.50. Donate your old mugs and get a fresh set of spring in the colours you love the most this season!


Image via Brendid

Because we have plenty of wine bottles lying around, and we’re tired of killing plants, this hanging succulent planter from The Whoot is the perfect DIY for Spring!


Image via The Whoot


This faux flower ombre wall art featured on That Cheap Bitchis so pretty! It’s as simple as it looks – hot glue fake flowers to a canvas, them pick your spray paint colours and ta da!


Image via That Cheap Bitch



And finally, an oldie but a goodie – who doesn’t love a pretty friendship bracelet like this one from HonestlyWTF

Image via Honestly WTF

Image via Honestly WTF

?? They are back in a big way and we can’t wait to spend our summer relaxing on our deck, tying knots!




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Golden Garden Party Inspiration

Spring is the time for to throw a garden party and we’ve got all the cutest details to make sure your theme is a breeze to execute, giving you way more time to stop and smell the roses. Here’s our favourite picks for a garden party filled with a few glittering gold details!


An absolute must for any garden party, our Garden Party Invitations are beautiful and affordable, making them the perfect fit! Plus, you’re able to personalize them before you order, giving them a custom look and feel.


Our Gold Toasting Flutes make the perfect warm gold detail for any garden party. Flirty and elegant, they give an old world elegance that fit with the romance of a garden party. We love!

9582a-i_decorating-glass-bottle-set92b995001dbbed9f65ae4b61dc466e26Our Glass Bottle set comes with 6 assorted bottles in different sizes, meaning you can create a muti-tierd and textured decor setting, with each vase filled with a different fresh bloom.



Our Mini Tin Pails are the perfect takeaway for party favours – fill them with macarons, succulent flowers or garden herbs for the perfect garden party inspired gift.


Our Mini Rectangular Wooden Blackboards with Clips are the perfect way to give your guests a little detailed information – from where to leave cards and gifts to cupcake flavours to seating cards, they’re sweet and work perfectly with a garden party!


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Woodland Wedding Decor Trends

We’re woodland crazy at the shop right now. The woodland wedding theme is an evolution of rustic, vintage and mountain, all coming together in one beautiful swirl of birch logs, gold leaf and giant bouquets. It feels like the perfect wedding theme for Calgary brides, so today, we’re rounding up our favourite woodland wedding decor trends, from stationery to reception decor. Click on the images learn more about each product!

Woodland Pretty Laser Embossed Invitations

Woodland Pretty Laser Embossed Invitations

Self Standing Chalkboard Sign

Self Standing Chalkboard Sign

White Glass Bottle Decor Set

White Glass Bottle Decor Set

Birch Print Paper Straws

Birch Print Paper Straws

Miniature Faux Antler Stationery Card Holders

Miniature Faux Antler Stationery Card Holders

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Love Notes for Valentine’s Day

We love traditions at The Social Page – they bring back incredible memories, and they help us relax (mostly because we know exactly what’s going to happen). They create warmth and build relationships, and they give us the opportunity to create new traditions!

Valentine’s Day is a holiday like any other, where a starting a tradition far supersedes the need to spend money or exchange extravagant gifts. This year, we’re all about love notes. Simple. Silly. Sweet. Saucy. Sexy. Love notes are an easy, personal, cherished tradition that everyone in your family can partake in. Whether your love note is homemade, custom designed or comes out of a box, in our crazy modern world, the extra effort to write a little love note means more and more each year. And if you’re looking for a little something extra to add to that love note, well you know us – we’ve got that too.

Love Notes Valentine's Day Notes The Social Page


Love notes

There is nothing more romantic than a hand written love note!

We have the cutest tiny envelopes in store which are perfect to house a few special thoughts about your significant other. Hide them in his briefcase or put them in her lunch! A guaranteed way to make them smile.

Cupcake Toppers Calgary Valentine's Day THe Social Page


Cupcake toppers

We have such a wide selection of papers and cardstocks for you to create these super simple valentines cupcake toppers! We used gold sparkle paper and razzle berry. Used a couple left over toothpicks and taped them to the back! Voilla!

Photobooth Props Valentine's Day The Social Page

Photo booth props

Hosting a Valentines get together? These photo booth props make for a great activity and you get to have some cute photos with the love of your life.









>> Free Download <<

Here is a little Valentines treat from us to you. Some free Valentines printables for you to download and print at home. You can put them in a frame or stick them to a card!



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5 People to Thank in your life

There are so many joys in saying thanks: saying it, hearing it, embracing it like a warm hug. Let’s take a minute and think about this – when someone shares a thank you with you, how often do you reply with a thank you in return? We bet more times than not,  because saying thank you, like saying I love you, is one of the easiest, most impactful, least expensive gifts you can give. It could almost be the perfect gift. And what kind of thanks feels best of all? A surprise thank you for something you thought nothing of at the time – thank you from someone or for something unexpected.


The element of surprise is almost half the fun of thank yous – here are a few ways to share some unexpected thank yous in your life!

  • Your neighbours

They keep an eye on your kids when they’re playing in the street; walk your dog when you’re out of town and they pull your garbage cart in when you’re working late. No matter if you have a close relationship with them or a casual relationship with them, a great neighbour is someone who goes an extra step to make your neighbourhood fantastic.

  • Your spouse

Sure, this is supposed to be a list of unexpected thank you’s, but we think this might qualify. Simple thank you’s for simple tasks mean a lot to people – when was the last time you thanked your spouse for unloading the dishwasher or folding the blankets on the couch? Gratitude for small steps that make your life (generally) easier will make both of you warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Your mail carrier

Whether it’s 30 degrees above or 30 degrees below, your mail carrier is out there getting it done, and not just for you – for your entire community. It can be a thankless job but they’re out there, rain or shine, bringing you your bills. So nice of them :) They know your neighbourhood pretty well and often check in with elderly neighbours and keep an eye out for any funny business.

  • That one family member

Maybe it’s your aunt, maybe it’s your sister, maybe it’s your cousin – that one family member who you can vent your heart out and never feel guilty or worried they might share your thoughts. Being a shoulder to cry on can be exhausting – make sure to give them a thank you for being there for you

  • That one parent

The one that saves your life every other week. You’re stuck at work late; they pick up your kidlets. You’re going crazy inside the house; they show up with two hot coffees (and maybe some Baileys). That other parent in your friend group who has got your back, no matter what – you probably say thank you all the time, but take a pause, look her in the eyes and really thank her this time.

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