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Every single person that is invited to a wedding should feel honored that you chose them to share the day with you. The bride and groom, in their own right, should feel just as honored that their guests went through all the trouble to join them. But before everyone starts feeling really honored and grand, there are a few logistical and organizational factors that need to be sorted out.


The most important of all: letting your guests know that they are indeed invited. And the most effective and special way of doing this is by sending them a “Save the Date”. The main purpose of a “Save the Date” is to give your guests ample time to get their affairs in order. There is nothing more disappointing than your favorite couple already being “booked” that day.


So… how does one address the “Save the Date”?

Usually they are not addressed in a formal manner.

The most important information should be:

  • the actual words: Save the Date
  • Names
  • Location (a general idea of city is usually sufficient)
  • And, most importantly, an actual date
  • If you’re having a destination wedding, it is particularly important to give the location so that your guests have enough time to organise their vacation time, save money and book flights and hotels.


When to send them out?

It is recommended to send them out once you have booked your venue and you have paid your deposit. Normally this would be more or less 6 months before the big day. If it is a destination wedding it should be earlier – 8 months before the wedding day.


If something changes, how do you inform your guests?

Things often change, and if they do you can always let your guests know by adding an insert into your invitation. People often use a “Save the Date” as a pre-invitation, where guests can indicate if they will attend the wedding or not (regrets only). This makes it easier when it comes to sending out invites, and gives you the chance to contact your guests if there is a change of plans.


Does the bride or the groom’s name go first?

Traditionally the Bride. If both the bride and groom are paying for the wedding it doesn’t really matter and in some cultures it is the groom’s name.


Do you have to send out “Save the Dates?

If you are getting married in summer – which is considered a ‘high-travel time’- it is better to send out “Save the Dates” months in advance. They are a great change to work out your design and can determine the rest of your stationary, as well as giving your guests an idea of what to expect.


Book a consultation to discuss all your options – we’d love to help you make your big day stress free.



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2015 Wedding Fair

We’re so excited about our interview with CTV. Just before the 2015 Wedding Fair we had the CTV crew pay us a visit – have a look at what owner, Dawn Messer, has to say about our wedding invitations and services.



We had a very successful day  at the 2015 Wedding Fair. We always love meeting all the soon-to-be brides and their entourages; mothers, bridesmaids and the few brave soon-to-be husbands. A wedding, after all, is not a one-man show. Since the Fair, we’ve been busy booking appointments and having consultations. So that you don’t miss out, be sure to book your appointment – just give us a call or contact us through our new online contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


Why should wedding dress shopping get all the shine? Here at The Social Page, we believe that designing your invitations, can be just as fun and exciting!


Our experts know how to glamour and pizzazz your wedding invitations. During your appointment, we’ll give you a detailed run through of what to expect when you design and order your invitations with us. We work within your budget so that you, as the bride, feel comfortable. By booking an appointment we can give you our undivided attention and work with you to create your dream invite. Remember, your wedding invitation will be the first thing guests receive. It sets the tone of the day and gives your guests some idea of what to expect – not only the factual information but also the look and feel of the day.

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How Many Wedding Invitations Do I Need?

invitation quantity


Often times here at The Social Page we have couples place orders for invitations, and when asked how many they need to order, the couple looks at one another, do a quick scroll through their smart phone and say “I think 80 should be enough… yeah. Let’s go with 80.” Then, when it comes time to address the envelopes and put them in the mail, they realize they didn’t order enough to cover everyone on their guest list. Sometimes, after mailing them out, they run into an old friend that they now want to invite, or they realize they forgot to invite a distant relative. Suddenly they need 10 more invitations, ASAP!


If you’re looking to price out invitations but haven’t gone over your list yet, there is a formula to help give you a starting number.


The number of guests you are inviting divided by 2, then add 10%. For example: 150 guests divided by 2= 75 + (10%) 15= 90 invitations.


This is a good starting point, but never works better than a true list. This is because some couples are inviting more families than others, some invite many more singles than couples, and so on.

Remember, it’s one invitation per household, not per person!


The best way to avoid running into these issues is to write a numbered list of each family and each non-couple adult you are inviting. For example:

  • If you are inviting Mr. and Mrs. Jones and their 2 children, they account for one invitation.
  • Let’s say you are inviting John Smith and his mother Anne Smith who lives in his home now. Proper etiquette suggests sending separate invitations to John Smith and Anne Smith. So, these two adults in the same household should account for two invitations.
  • Likewise, if you are inviting adult siblings who live in the same household, or adult friends who share a home, you should send separate invitations for those guests. This is something to consider when you are making your list.
  • Your single friends who may want to bring a date should be addressed “Andrew Parker & Guest”, and he and his guest will account for one invitation.


It is ALWAYS better to have a few extra invitations than to be short and scurry to buy more. It may take time to process a Re-Order and is often much less cost-effective than initially ordering extras (due to shipping costs of certain materials, price brackets for printing, etc). Brides find themselves stressed out from worrying about time and money while wedding planning, so avoid stress where possible by implementing the simple measure of list making!

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How To Word Wedding Invitations

This is a question we are asked OFTEN! Working out how to word your wedding invitations can be tricky – you don’t want to offend anyone by leaving people out, but you also want to make sure every one is covered. Depending on the tone of your wedding, the way you word it, also needs to fit accordingly.


The most traditional way to word your invitations would be to include both sets of parents;

Mr and Mrs Sam Smith

invite you to the wedding of their daughter

Julie Ann


Erik Joesph

Son of Mr and Mrs Barry Jones

This reads as the Brides parents are paying for the wedding. It is typically the Brides parents and the Bride that are written first.
If both sets of parents are contributing, you can word it like this:

Mr and Mrs Sam Smith

Together with 

Mr and Mrs Barry Jones

Invite you to join them at the marriage of their children

Julie Ann


Erik Joesph

If you are getting married in a place of worship you should include

Request the honour of your presence

If you still want to be formal but are getting married else where you can put

Request the pleasure of your company

If you are choosing traditional wording, numbers and dates need to spelled out:

Thursday August eleventh

Two thousand fourteen

one o’clock in the afternoon

If the time is past 5:00 it then becomes ‘evening‘.

Here at the store, we are ready and available to help you with wording issues and make sure your invitation is exactly how you want it to read. Tricky family situations are also not an issue as we deal with this often. We can help you with any wording issues. If you are in doubt, come down and see us, drop us an email via our new contact page. We will be happy to help you out!

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Scarf season

Yes, the leaves have started to fall, and we all ate way too much turkey this past weekend. This can only mean one thing! It is officially scarf season!! Yay!

We have so many different scarves in the store, from cozy chunky knit, to hand made pashminas  and in a million colours so you cant not find one to go with your current outfit. You will be the best dressed person in Calgary with these accessories!

On a cold and windy day, you want nothing more than to wrap yourself up in your fall scarf, but what if you want to bring a bit of pazaz to your outfit? We found this great tutorial on 40 ways to wear your scarf!!












Check out Scarves dot net to see the tutorials and get inspired this season.

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