Holiday Fashion: Baby Edition

There are three types of people in the world: those that don’t have kids (yet) so they have yet to experience the joy of dressing babies; those who have children who are over the age of 5 and therefore have amnesia about how hard it is to get babies dressed; and those who are right in the thick of it – those who have babies and toddlers.

Getting babies into holiday outfits is like an intense negotiation sessions. It can take hours, you’ll find yourself bribing people, you’ll dig your heels in and then it will reduce you to tears, . Your best bet when dressing babies up for the holiday is to keep it (relatively) simple with accessories that celebrate the spirit, but won’t end up in a fight for the history books. Here’s our favourite (i.e. easiest) baby holiday accessories!

1. Baby Bowties and Hairclips

Relatively easy to put on (we say that cautiously), bowties and hair clips are statement accessories that don’t need to compete to stand out. Because of their teeny-tiny size, they look adorable even (actually especially) when paired with pyjamas.


2. Jolly Socks

Totally functional and totally adorable, holiday socks are a great accessory because they keep tootsies warm! Adding holiday socks can turn any run of the mill jumper or ensemble into a festive one! Beware as socks usually end up in mouths, down shirt sleeves or shoved between the car seat and the backseat of your car.


3. Ho Ho Hats! 

If you can’t get on board with how cute holiday hats are, then we can’t get on board with you. Providing the same functionality as socks by keeping baby’s heads warm, holiday hats tend to be an accessory kids can get behind. Because of how easy they are to put on, they make for the least stress-inducing accessory – when your baby pulls their holiday hat off (instantly) you can pop it in your pocket or vainly attempt to slide it back on.


All these babies holiday accessories are in shop now at The Social Page!



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Shimmering Fall Wedding Inspiration

Don’t lie – you’ve felt it every morning this week. That little chill in the air when you wake up. Your hot morning shower is starting to feel seriously good again, not like last month when it felt torturous.

We’re moving into the warmth and depth of Fall in Alberta, so we’ve paired up our super popular Golf Confetti wedding stationery with some marsala and rose wedding inspiration to get your hearts fired up like a pumpkin spice latte.

The Social Page Gold Wedding Inspiration Calgary wedding invitations

Invitations: The Social Page

Flowers: Dear Pearl Flowers

Aisle: Pop Sugar

Lighting: Best Coolest

Table Decor: Chic Vintage Brides

Cake: Wedding Chicks

Gown: Bridal Musings

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Little items, big impact – 4 items every dorm needs


Remember when back to school shopping just meant picking out the prettiest or funkiest notebooks? For many parents, it just got a lot more complicated as fresh high school graduates head off to their first semester at college or university. That means you’re not only shopping for pens – you’re shopping for dorm rooms too. While lots of flyers and catalogues show you colourful bean bag chairs, and shelving units, we won’t lie – those items wouldn’t fit into the dorm rooms we lived in. Those rooms are tiny. TINY.

So we’ve put together a little list of tiny items with big personality to spruce up a realistic dorm room.


As any avid Instagrammer will tell you, good lighting is key. And that might be sligthtly lacking dorms. These gnome lips are small, quirky and give off a little extra glow that kick those selfies up a notch.



Plain old notebooks are out – kids want to use their books to express their personality. With funky covers, high quality paper and sturdy construction, we love our selection of notebooks.


University can be overwhelming so help them keep calm and study on with stress relieving signage that’s on trend.


Like we mentioned, there’s not a ton of room for decor in dorms. Ipso facto, when you put your feet up on your bed, they might become a visual highlight. Funky socks in playful colours are an easy win.


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Day-of Stationery


 Day-of stationery can be a little extra touch to an already special day. Day-of stationery just makes the organizational part of your day a little bit easier. It is a polite way of directing your guests in the direction you want them to go and to give them a clear idea of what can be expected on the day. No-one likes a guessing game.

If you’ve already decided on a theme for your wedding invitations, it can be a good idea to carry the same theme throughout your day. We can print your menu’s, seating chart, place cards, table numbers etc. all in the same theme. This does not restrict you to just one theme though. However you want your stationary, we can make it work.

If you decide to go with email invitations, you have to keep in mind that you probably still need day-of stationery for your wedding day.

We know, having gorgeous wedding stationery can add up, especially if you’re on a budget. Thanks to our experience we’ve been able to divide it into two groups, to make it easier for you. We refer to these as the  “Essential” and “Non-Essential” stationery group.


The “Essential” stationery include;

  • large seating chart
  • or personalized place cards
  • table numbers


The “Non-Essential” stationery include;

  • programs
  • menu’s
  • favor tags




Let us start with the “Essential” stationery.

Although you would like everyone to enjoy themselves and not come over as a drill sergeant, everyone would appreciate a bit of order to the day. Believe it or not, but guests like to know what’s happening, where they are going to sit and what’s on the menu.

Unless you’re having a ‘cocktail’ reception, you will need a seating chart. Guests seating themselves often cause uncomfortable and nervous situations. It’s High School all over again. Remember, you might know everyone at your wedding but chances are your guests do not . To avoid conflict and make the dining experience more enjoyable, a seating chart is a great way to lead guests to their seats.

An alternative to a seating chart could be escort cards. An escort card is usually placed on a table at the entrance of your reception venue and has a name and table number on. The guests now know  where they are allocated at and can choose their own seats.

A place card is placed on the table at a specific seat with the guests name on.

Table Numbers are a must and things can get very confusing without them, as you can imagine.


The “Non-Essential” stationery.

A program can be a way of including your guests and a nice keepsake for them to take home. It’s also a great read while they wait for the bride. Programs can be made into something fun and creative.

Information included can be anything from a description of your ceremony (processional music, greetings, readings, prayers, exchanging of vows…) to ‘thank you’ messages or something cute and personal about your guests.

Normally you would order programs for around 75% of your guests- keep in mind that couples share.

Menu’s are an opportunity for your guests to scan the menu and determine if there is something they are allergic to or if there is an alternative meal option (halal, vegetarian, gluten free).

Things like pretty printed favor tags are one of the small things that put an extra touch to your day. The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is usually the small details that goes into a day.


Give us a call or visit our contact page to book an appointment.



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Save the Date



Every single person that is invited to a wedding should feel honored that you chose them to share the day with you. The bride and groom, in their own right, should feel just as honored that their guests went through all the trouble to join them. But before everyone starts feeling really honored and grand, there are a few logistical and organizational factors that need to be sorted out.


The most important of all: letting your guests know that they are indeed invited. And the most effective and special way of doing this is by sending them a “Save the Date”. The main purpose of a “Save the Date” is to give your guests ample time to get their affairs in order. There is nothing more disappointing than your favorite couple already being “booked” that day.


So… how does one address the “Save the Date”?

Usually they are not addressed in a formal manner.

The most important information should be:

  • the actual words: Save the Date
  • Names
  • Location (a general idea of city is usually sufficient)
  • And, most importantly, an actual date
  • If you’re having a destination wedding, it is particularly important to give the location so that your guests have enough time to organise their vacation time, save money and book flights and hotels.


When to send them out?

It is recommended to send them out once you have booked your venue and you have paid your deposit. Normally this would be more or less 6 months before the big day. If it is a destination wedding it should be earlier – 8 months before the wedding day.


If something changes, how do you inform your guests?

Things often change, and if they do you can always let your guests know by adding an insert into your invitation. People often use a “Save the Date” as a pre-invitation, where guests can indicate if they will attend the wedding or not (regrets only). This makes it easier when it comes to sending out invites, and gives you the chance to contact your guests if there is a change of plans.


Does the bride or the groom’s name go first?

Traditionally the Bride. If both the bride and groom are paying for the wedding it doesn’t really matter and in some cultures it is the groom’s name.


Do you have to send out “Save the Dates?

If you are getting married in summer – which is considered a ‘high-travel time’- it is better to send out “Save the Dates” months in advance. They are a great change to work out your design and can determine the rest of your stationary, as well as giving your guests an idea of what to expect.


Book a consultation to discuss all your options – we’d love to help you make your big day stress free.



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