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Wedding Colours: Pick them and stick with them!

Wedding planning – so fun. SO FUN. So frustrating! So exciting. So overwhelming… so stressful. So time consuming.

So how can you make it easier on yourself? How can you reduce any anxiety, indecision, second guessing?

Navy Destination Wedding Invitations, available on Etsy

Navy Destination Wedding Invitations, available on Etsy

We meet a lot of brides, and we love ‘em all but some are more stressed than others. Often, the culprit of that stress is because brides get changing their minds – they keep seeing more and more inspiration, more ideas, more things they LOVE and changing their minds. Every time you have a slight variation from your original idea, you either have to go back and re-do all the planning and organizing you already did OR you have to figure out a way to “make it work” all together.

Photo Save The Dates, available on Etsy

Photo Save The Dates, available on Etsy

So it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE not to continue to be inspired when you’re planning your wedding – but what’s the one thing you can keep consistent? Your colours. If pick and stick with your wedding colours, it then becomes easier and easier to make any other variations on theme or style work, because they’ll all visually play into one another, as they’ll have the same colour palette.

Watercolour Wedding Invitations, available on Etsy

Watercolour Wedding Invitations, available on Etsy

Our wedding planning advice this week is to pick your colours and STICK with them!

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Top 5 Movies to watch on Christmas Eve

As your go to Downtown Calgary Christmas store, we feel it’s our duty to you to tell give you a round up of our favourite movies to snuggle up with on Christmas Eve.

5. ELF For obvious reasons, this one is one of our FAVOURITES. Will Ferrel at his funniest – he’s witty, he’s naive, he’s charming, he’s totally believable. The story line is breaks our hearts the perfect amount – while we don’t shed any physical tears, we feel for Buddy in a big way.

4. IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE Don’t even with us on this one. It’s the ultimate Christmas classic, but we rated it at number 4 because we end up sobbing into our rum and eggnogs.

3. A CHRISTMAS STORY There’s something about the dark humour about this movie that we love and the life lessons the movie carries – keep your tongue off polls and stay away from bee bee guns. And if we could sell those leg lamps, we bet they would FLY out the door.

2. HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS We can’t decide whether it’s the music or the rhyming storyline or the jewel tone colours or the pure fantasy of this animated classic, but we love every minute of it, every year.

1. A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS Does it get any more wholesome than Charlie and his gang? The perfect representation of life when Christmas was most magical – as a child old enough to have opinions but young enough to suspend all levels of disbelief. What a beautiful time. Not to mention, what a soundtrack! Hit play, sit back and enjoy your Christmas Eve friends!


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5 Styles of Christmas Trees (And How to Decorate Them!)

Raise your hand if you have two Christmas trees in your house. You have one tree for all the decor-deficient people, as in, those people who don’t go into A-type convulsions when a single ornament is out of place, and one tree for all those for those in your house with an intense case of holiday style. Whether your Christmas tree style is a colour, a theme, a feeling, a nuance, a part of your house or the centre piece of your decor, your tree has a style all it’s own and it’s a reflection of your personality, your mood, it’s an extension of your holiday you. 

Today, we’re looking at 5 Styles of Christmas trees and the best ornaments to collect to achieve the look.

Brimming We love a Christmas tree stuffed from the bottom to the top with holiday delights! The key to this style of Christmas tree is reflection – you want lights and lots of them (think about 100 lights for every foot of tree height), and you want to tuck them closer to the trunk of the tree. Then ensure you  have a good mix of reflective ornaments that will push the light out of the tree and create a soft glow.

Photo Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Photo Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Warm and Cozy A tree that brings the outdoors in, this style plays along with the “effortless” style of rustic cottage chic. Opt for natural decorations like garland of burlap and raw silk, and decorations made of wool, pinecones and paper. If you want to stay true to the style, stick with neutral colours, but for little added pops, choose a single colour to work off of, like a rich ruby reds or sea foam green.

Photo Source: The Inspired Room

Photo Source: The Inspired Room

Whimsical Although this tree is delightful and lights up the Dr. Seuss loving child in all of us, it requires a rather dedicated attention to spacing and detail. Brightly coloured ornaments contrast perfectly with the stark white tree, but make sure you pick a unifying undertone for your decorations. Opt for all pastels, all glitter, all jewel toned or all primary colours.

Photo Source: Two Twenty One

Photo Source: Two Twenty One

Sparse If this is your look, avoid an artificial tree at all costs! Go for ornaments with colours that contrast the natural green colour, like snowy whites, shimmering silvers and bright golds.

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

Ombre How on earth have we not had an ombre Christmas tree before?! While your entire tree doesn’t have to have ombre branches to create the effect, pick an assortment of decor in colours that will be easy to transition – for instance yellow to gold to brass. And if you don’t love this modern take on a Christmas tree, check out this list with 17 more! 

Photo Source: Brit + Co

Photo Source: Brit + Co

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Holiday Fashion: Baby Edition

There are three types of people in the world: those that don’t have kids (yet) so they have yet to experience the joy of dressing babies; those who have children who are over the age of 5 and therefore have amnesia about how hard it is to get babies dressed; and those who are right in the thick of it – those who have babies and toddlers.

Getting babies into holiday outfits is like an intense negotiation sessions. It can take hours, you’ll find yourself bribing people, you’ll dig your heels in and then it will reduce you to tears, . Your best bet when dressing babies up for the holiday is to keep it (relatively) simple with accessories that celebrate the spirit, but won’t end up in a fight for the history books. Here’s our favourite (i.e. easiest) baby holiday accessories!

1. Baby Bowties and Hairclips

Relatively easy to put on (we say that cautiously), bowties and hair clips are statement accessories that don’t need to compete to stand out. Because of their teeny-tiny size, they look adorable even (actually especially) when paired with pyjamas.


2. Jolly Socks

Totally functional and totally adorable, holiday socks are a great accessory because they keep tootsies warm! Adding holiday socks can turn any run of the mill jumper or ensemble into a festive one! Beware as socks usually end up in mouths, down shirt sleeves or shoved between the car seat and the backseat of your car.


3. Ho Ho Hats! 

If you can’t get on board with how cute holiday hats are, then we can’t get on board with you. Providing the same functionality as socks by keeping baby’s heads warm, holiday hats tend to be an accessory kids can get behind. Because of how easy they are to put on, they make for the least stress-inducing accessory – when your baby pulls their holiday hat off (instantly) you can pop it in your pocket or vainly attempt to slide it back on.


All these babies holiday accessories are in shop now at The Social Page!



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Shimmering Fall Wedding Inspiration

Don’t lie – you’ve felt it every morning this week. That little chill in the air when you wake up. Your hot morning shower is starting to feel seriously good again, not like last month when it felt torturous.

We’re moving into the warmth and depth of Fall in Alberta, so we’ve paired up our super popular Golf Confetti wedding stationery with some marsala and rose wedding inspiration to get your hearts fired up like a pumpkin spice latte.

The Social Page Gold Wedding Inspiration Calgary wedding invitations

Invitations: The Social Page

Flowers: Dear Pearl Flowers

Aisle: Pop Sugar

Lighting: Best Coolest

Table Decor: Chic Vintage Brides

Cake: Wedding Chicks

Gown: Bridal Musings

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