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How many invitations do I need to order?

When calculating how many invites you will need, remember to take into consideration one invitation per couple or family.

When should I order my invitations?

It is advisable to order invitations at least 3 to 4 months prior to your wedding date. This time frame will allow you sufficient time for assembling and addressing the invitations.

When should we ask for the reply cards back?

You should request that response cards be returned by a date that is one month from the date of the wedding. This will allow you to have at least 2 weeks to receive responses and 2 weeks where you have a full guest count for your caterers and seating arrangements. RSVP by telephone, email or a wedding website is perfectly acceptable these days.

When should I mail my invitations?

Invitations should be mailed 8 to 10 weeks prior to the wedding. Be sure to verify questionable postal codes and to weight a completely assembled invitation at the post office to determine the correct postage needed.

Can I enclose a card informing my guests where I have registered?

It is never appropriate to include your gift registry information with your wedding invitations. That information is best spread by word-of-mouth by your wedding entourage, your family, and close friends.

The word-of-mouth practice should also be used if you are requesting donations to charities instead of gifts, requesting cash gifts, or requesting no gifts at all.

When do you use a “Save The Date” card?

When your guest list consists of family and friends who are spread out over several countries or your wedding is held on or near a national holiday, you may wish to send “Save The Date” announcements several months prior to sending out your wedding invitations. This will provide ample time for out-of-towners to make travel arrangements in advance.


Our prices start from $3.00 per invitation or card. Pricing will be based on your selection of materials, designs, and number of orders. Our commitment to you is to offer the best quality of products at the most affordable prices.

For additional information on ordering and pricing, please contact us at or schedule a consultation with us at 403.245.8868.