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Our Favourite Ways To Use Fairy Doors

We are so excited to be carrying Fairy Doors in the shop! What’s a Fairy Door you ask? Only the cutest little piece of decor you might have caught a glimpse of out of the corner of your eye. Fairy Doors are small, whimsical doors that you snuggle into existing spaces in or outside your home – places like your garden, your decor, even cakes and pasties if you like! Think of them little mini hobbit doors – the shape and design of Fairy Tales immediately takes your imagination somewhere magical and special.


In the shop, we’re carrying a whole host of Fairy Door kits – from simple doors with doorframe to entire outdoor living spaces (think clean laundry, lanterns and other trinkets). Here are some fun ways we’ve seen people use Fairy Doors, straight from our favourite social media platform – Pinterest!

Tree Trunks

One of the most popular spots to put a Fairy Door, tree trunks become front yards for Fairies as you spruce up the landscaping with rocks, moss, flowers and other natural decor.



Tree Stumps

Tree stumps become fairy and elf mansions when you attach a Fairy Door to them. Basically – this is your chance to build your dream home without budget or second opinions spoiling your fun!

Image: DIY Crafts

Image: DIY Crafts

Garden Planters

The easiest place to build out a fairy house is in a garden planter. Attach your Fairy Door to either the base of the planter or tuck it into the flower bed itself to create the illusion of a home amongst the greenery.

Image: Art Architecture Design

Image: Art Architecture Design


Almost like a mouse door, tucking a Fairy Door in an inconspicuous corner of your house will give little guests goosebumps and butterflies at the thought of what’s happening behind the walls.

Image: Petagadget

Image: Petagadget

Telephone Poles

This Fairy Door attached to a telephone pole, as soon on Apartment Therapy, adds a ton of whimsy to this downtown New York street. Actually, check out this entire post for some fun ideas! 



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