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5 Things Your Home Needs Right Meow

Little Dishes

Don’t forget about your foyer this summer – these quaint little dishes with sweet details are perfect for capturing keys, coins, rings and business cards when you walk in the door. These dishes were created by Fringe Studio and they’re available now in the shop!

Watercolour Floral Silky Kimono Robe


If you think Spring has been warm, get ready because we’re betting on a sizzling summer for 2016. We totally get that you don’t always want to lounge around your house in a bikini or your skivvies, so opt for this light weight silky kimono robe in a beautiful floral print, available here.




Adult Colouring Books


Last week, we talked all about why we love adult colouring books and guess what, we still love them this week! The perfect way to get creative and relax without starting some massive project, we’ve got a huge assortment of great adult colouring books at the shop!



Miniature Glass Tealight Holder with Wire Hanger

That perfect backyard garden party turned all night BBQ you’ve been dreaming about throwing since November? It’s gonna happen so make sure every nook and cranny of your yard looks perfect with these gorgeous soft pink mercury tea light holders. Just the right amount of ambiance!



A zillion pairs of flirty sunglasses

If you’re the type of person who can keep track of your sunglasses, well good for you. For the rest of us, it’s always helpful to have sunglasses laying around in your backyard, in your car, in each of your purses, you get what we’re saying. Our snazzy shades come in 7 funky colours and they’re a steal at $3.50 each! 


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