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5 Reasons We Love Adult Colouring Books (Now In The Shop!)


If you haven’t jumped on the adult colouring book craze yet, what’s stopping you?? While it might have seemed like a kitchy fad when these books hit the scene last year, adult colouring books have some crazy fun benefits that you might not have considered.

  1. Relaxing: getting your colour on is like watching reality TV Рzoning out is easy and takes  your mind off things! So turn the tube off, put on your favourite CD and let your mind wander
  2. Creative: the perfect creative outlet for those who like to stay in the lines and those who don’t, these are a beautiful way to express yourself and your mood
  3. Simple: these books aren’t out to trick you – they’re just out to make you feel proud of your hard work!
  4. Fun: whether you pull yours out when your kids pull theirs out, or you and your besties go sit in the park and colour the afternoon away, adult colouring books are great for social fun and for individual fun
  5. Pressure Free: there’s no deadline to finish it. You can pick it up and put it down whenever you like. There’s no one grading your work. There’s no on12439361_10154259592014672_3154961447162613271_ne judging your colours. Adult colouring books are a beautiful, pressure free activity!
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