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Wedding Invitations: First Impressions

Far more than a tool filled with all the necessary details, your wedding invitations are your guest’s first impression. It’s a tangible that communicates the intangible. How does a little piece of paper do all that? It takes a little creativity and a little bit of vision, but with the right team by your side, your invitations can help build the momentum and set the mood for your wedding day long before you walk down the aisle.
You wouldn’t choose your wedding menu without tasting the food, would you? The same thing goes for your wedding invitations – we highly recommend you “taste test” and create your invitations by hand in our shop. Come in and play – pair up colours, paper textures, fonts, graphics, sizes, and embellishments, all in the name of creativity and ensuring your invitations are how you want them to feel. Whether it’s modern sophistication or playful whimsy, it’s important that you touch and feel your invitations as you create them.
Your guests are as excited as you are for your wedding, and your invitations allow them to touch and feel your marriage before the big day.  It sets the tone and the style for your wedding, giving people a subtle understanding of formality and dress code. Invitations can be as detailed or as elusive as you like – invitations that set up an air of mystery and excitement will keep guests guessing in the months leading up to your wedding.
Sample | Jennifer Baresich
As favours drift more out of style, invitations and stationery become the ultimate wedding keepsake. Go to any home, and we have a feeling you’ll find a few invitations stowed away for safe keeping, memories of some of the happiest days of people’s lives. Your wedding invitations will be displayed on mantles, tucked away in shoe boxes and pulled out and revisited for decades – make sure they stand the test of time by using high-quality papers and printing.
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