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Branding Your Wedding – Wedding Hashtags



Personalisation is everything, isn’t it? We personalize our style through our fashion choices, and we personalize our homes through decor. We personalize our imaginations through our passions, and your wedding is (officially!) an amalgamation of all three! Personalizing an experience now permeates the tangible – beyond invitations and decor, it stretches as far as your fingertips and into the online stratosphere. Creating a hashtag for your wedding is a next-level wedding trend for insta-loving brides and grooms, a subtle communication tactic for the tech savvy.

What about practicality? Branding your wedding with a hashtag means your memories (and your guest’s memories) are stored instantly, safe and sound, in the Cloud where you can revisit them whenever you like. Your social media becomes a wedding scrapbook as your wedding day plays out – sound like fun? It is! So how do you get started with a wedding hashtag? Deciding on what style of hashtag you want.

The easiest hashtags for guests to remember will include your initials – something simple like #LandAwedding will totally suffice! A mashup of last names is also a popular option – #MacJackWedding, or a mashup of nicknames can be fun too.

But for those brides who want to stand out from the crowd, coming up with a hashtag that’s quirky, clever, witty or rhymes will bring a smile to guests’ faces. But be warned, dreaming up clever hashtags isn’t for the faint of heart – you might find yourself lying awake at night, trying to weave some word magic.

So you’ve come up with your hashtag (and it took a lot of work!) so how do we make sure everyone uses it? At The Social Page, we like to weave personal wedding branding into your overall stationery theme – from prompts to post photos of your Save The Dates, to instructions on your ceremony programs so guests know how to get in on the fun, to ensuring your cocktail napkins are gilded with gold versions of your hashtag, your wedding stationery is a critical component to hashtag success, a challenge our industry leading experts are more than happy to help you navigate.

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