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5 People to Thank in your life

There are so many joys in saying thanks: saying it, hearing it, embracing it like a warm hug. Let’s take a minute and think about this – when someone shares a thank you with you, how often do you reply with a thank you in return? We bet more times than not,  because saying thank you, like saying I love you, is one of the easiest, most impactful, least expensive gifts you can give. It could almost be the perfect gift. And what kind of thanks feels best of all? A surprise thank you for something you thought nothing of at the time – thank you from someone or for something unexpected.


The element of surprise is almost half the fun of thank yous – here are a few ways to share some unexpected thank yous in your life!

  • Your neighbours

They keep an eye on your kids when they’re playing in the street; walk your dog when you’re out of town and they pull your garbage cart in when you’re working late. No matter if you have a close relationship with them or a casual relationship with them, a great neighbour is someone who goes an extra step to make your neighbourhood fantastic.

  • Your spouse

Sure, this is supposed to be a list of unexpected thank you’s, but we think this might qualify. Simple thank you’s for simple tasks mean a lot to people – when was the last time you thanked your spouse for unloading the dishwasher or folding the blankets on the couch? Gratitude for small steps that make your life (generally) easier will make both of you warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Your mail carrier

Whether it’s 30 degrees above or 30 degrees below, your mail carrier is out there getting it done, and not just for you – for your entire community. It can be a thankless job but they’re out there, rain or shine, bringing you your bills. So nice of them 🙂 They know your neighbourhood pretty well and often check in with elderly neighbours and keep an eye out for any funny business.

  • That one family member

Maybe it’s your aunt, maybe it’s your sister, maybe it’s your cousin – that one family member who you can vent your heart out and never feel guilty or worried they might share your thoughts. Being a shoulder to cry on can be exhausting – make sure to give them a thank you for being there for you

  • That one parent

The one that saves your life every other week. You’re stuck at work late; they pick up your kidlets. You’re going crazy inside the house; they show up with two hot coffees (and maybe some Baileys). That other parent in your friend group who has got your back, no matter what – you probably say thank you all the time, but take a pause, look her in the eyes and really thank her this time.

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