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Advent Calendars

There is no denying it, Christmas is well on its way. The radio stations are playing festive cheer, Christmas lights are up and there is snow on the ground.

What’s next? Advent Calendars, to make the countdown to Christmas that much more exciting. We have so much variety, but not your regular advent calendars. Our Advent calendars are ones you can keep for years to come, share with your children or grand children or enjoy the fun yourself.

Here are two of our favourites in our Calgary location.

Rachel Ellen advent calendarThis style has tiny doors with the dates on, and behind each door is a Christmas related picture.









Block tree advent calendars These advent calendars are great for kids and adults. They have nice sized boxes with the dates on and are perfect for hiding little treats for others to find. You could put candy, chocolates, toys or treats and each day would bring a different surprise.






Come on down and try something different this year!

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